Post BFA

Coming Summer 2020

Nick, an actor and a recent graduate of a prestigious theatre program, finds himself smitten with a girl he met at an audition. The girl, Taylor, is a classically trained actress who dedicates all of her waking hours to her career and navigating the predominately white male space that is New York theatre. She very clearly does not have time for a relationship. However, Taylor finds herself falling for him, but when Nick's roommate, Jamie, is cast in an all white production of A Raisin in the Sun, Nick fears that Taylor will be offended (Taylor is a black woman), or worse, think that Nick is racist by extension. Nick attempts to get Jamie to quit the show while simultaneously trying to date Taylor and not offend her. 

The story explores the possible dangers of ignorance and naivety when communicating and forming relationships with others, while meditating on the themes of social justice, appropriation, inclusivity, and gentrification.

Directed by

Tim Penalosa 

Shot by 

Ross Lampert

Written and Produced by 

Ben Strate


Charlie Kennedy 

Emilie Alexandre 

Ben Strate

Jose Gamo

Eli Brown 

Winter Solstice

Coming Spring 2020

Through movement, Winter Solstice demonstrates the primal connection and warmth we seek from others within the coldest of climates. 

Directed and Choreographed by 

Kristina Bermudez

Shot by 

Ari Herschel Shapiro 

Produced by 

Ben Strate & Emma Maltby 


Elizabeth Shew & Kristina Bermudez


Festival Premiere: Summer 2020

Mathew is a young pioneer and influential voice within the LGTQIA+ community in Phnom Penh.

Known as Fendi Charms on stage, Mathew has become one of the most sought after drag queens in Cambodia. 

There is no protection against discrimination for members of  the drag community under the current law. Yet, Fendi's courage to live an authentic life  through her craft  is unwavering.

Directed by 

Emily Brennan

Executive Producer: 

Ben Strate