Relationship not having that same spark it used to? Problems in bed? KiKi is here to assist!  

Written and Performed by Claiborne Tomlinson and Ben Strate

Flu-Like Symptoms

Corona Virus: an introvert's dream... or nightmare??

Joker Stairs

Only $5 to go up and down the famous Bronx stairs featured in the movie Joker (2019). But be careful in the Bronx... 

Jokers: Jules Hamilton, Emma Maltby, Ben Strate, Alan Z.B.

Batmen: Elijah Crocker, Malachi Markos, Chike Robinson, Alexi Transparent

Written & Directed by Jed Feiman & Nehemiah Markos

Asking For It

One minute horror film by Curve Filmmakers.  TRIGGER WARNING: sexual assault situation  

Actors: Dario Caudana, Ben Strate, Mackenzie Hancock

Writer-Director: Kelly Bachman 

Two longtime acquaintances play basketball

They've known each other for awhile.

Improvised by Ben Strate and Joel Haver

Rob Cappella - a video for Rob Thomas

If you like 3AM by Matchbox Twenty and you are Rob Thomas, this is the video for you.

Improvised by Ben Strate and Joel Haver

A trailer for the movie that plays in your head

Everyone has had that moment where you slip into an A24 trailer.  This captures the insanity and hilariousness of that fever dream.

Heads Up!

True story: we tried playing the 'Accents & Impressions' category one night – on the hit mobile app game by Ellen Degeneres – and this happened. Thanks, Ellen. 

With Ransel Sangster, Ben Strate, Yedoye Travis, Leanne Velednitsky, and Nimene Wureh

Written & Directed by Jed Feiman & Nehemiah Markos